The Heating and Cooling Challenge- The Bristol Bus Company had problems of cooling and heating on the top floor of a London Routemaster bus used as the ‘Smallest Theater in the World’ for Charity Work – occupants just became too hot or cold and it was uncomfortable.

Our Solution – There was no headroom or floor space available so we installed a wall mounted Mitsubishi Unit at the rear of the bus on a purpose made curved bracket pipework was routed between the steel skin of the bus to a condensing unit mounted where the batteries had been relocated to beneath the staircase with a tidy louvre finished in Routemaster Red. As a static requirement the system was installed with anti vibration anacondas to stop vibaration to the system.

Saving Energy – We installed a heat pump with super inverter technology which only uses 5 amps of energy and therefore can be operated from a standard 13 amp plug.

Saving Money – This low capital cost solution with a local installation engineer ensures full capacity at all times with minimal cost to the Charity.

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