Battersea Power Station is undergoing a Multi billion pound regeneration project constructing new apartments and complete new riverside village with shops and a new underground station. The Design Team at Battersea commissioned an existing temporary building as the primary Marketing Suite for the New Developments.

The HVAC Challenge for us, was that the building was poorly insulated, had a vast expanse of single glass which was West facing and a roof that was made of fabric. when we first looked at the building, water was dripping inside of the building from the roof after a heavy overnight frost, condensation was pouring down the windows and it was colder inside the building than outside!
The area had to be suitable for 100 occupants and keep them warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.

Our Solution – We undertook careful heat load calculations and asked the main contractor to insulate the walls, roof and solar film the windows, even in the course of construction condensation was still pouring down the inside of the windows. Our engineers installed 4 Samsung Heat Recovery Ventilation units to meet the fresh air requirements of the occupants whilst retaining 70% of the energy used. These were arranged to recover excessive heat from the 5 metre high structure and deliver this tempered air to the base of the windows by numerous floor mounted jet swirl diffusers, this was difficult to ensure that the correct ESP was achieved. The remaining open plan area was treated as an envelope above 3 metres from the raised floor with a blanket of air distributed by high nozzle diffusers effectively creating a ‘conditioned envelope below 3 metres.

To create a comfortable environment we installed 6 Floor Mounted mounted units that have created a huge amount of conversation with their back lit led diode individual fan speed control and pop up indication status panel having the appearance of a floor speaker each packing a 9 kW capacity from a 12 amp single phase supply with complete hand held remote control.

The Client Meeting Rooms, Kitchens and WC’s are served by the fresh air system and swirl diffusers to ensure comfort with draught free conditions.

Saving Energy – Our Design Solution halved the energy consumption of the original design thoughts.

Saving Money – Our Design Solution saved money from the construction cost of a plant room and unique concept of design over £60,000 on original design thoughts and concepts.

Marketing Suite Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Marketing Floor Units
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