The Brew are a rapidly expanding London Based ‘Hot Desk’ Company giving a valuable start to new entrepreneurs and start up businesses requiring a strong base with good communication and travel links in the City.

The HVAC Challenge – The company were advised to have many plastic cassette units units installed in the area with a 3 pipe VRV system on a large Basement and Ground Floor Office which was above their budget.

Our Solution – We undertook careful heat load calculations and found that the Basement with its high occupancy level had an almost year long cooling requirement so changed the system to a 2 pipe arrangement on this level. As the Client was anxious tohave a fashionable ‘urban look’with many walls as bare brick and plaster we opted to use exposed ductwork throughout with a many fewer Daikin VRV A/C units and jet nozzle diffusers. The Ground Floor was treated in a similar manner with separate 2 pipe systems in zoned areas.
With an occupancy level of over 180 people fresh air is a considerable requirement for energy consumption.
We looked after the complete solution including road closure and crane delivery

Saving Energy – The Daikin VRV system was selected as the most economical system to operate. The 6 Heat Recovery Ventilation units with over 70% efficiency made considerable energy saving to the heat losses and gains to the building.

Saving Money – Our Costings Saved the customer over £50,000 on his original specification. The equipment selected gives him the best Enhanced Capital Allowance and he his really pleased with his New Urban Look Offices.